Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Theory Connection #3

Quote and Explanation:  Another connection, along with Rodriguez, that I am able to make to my service learning is to August.  In “Safe Spaces” by Gerri August’s main focus is about bullying within the classroom.  August makes a statement saying, “To the extent that teachers, school administers, and college professors create an atmosphere in which difference is not only tolerated but expected, explored and embraced, students will be more likely to develop perspectives that result in respectful behaviors.” (pg 83).  This quote discusses how in creating a certain atmosphere, both teachers and school administers, are able provide a path to a student’s educational career.  I found that this quote related to my service learning simply because of the relationship between not only the teacher and the students but with the students as well.  When teaching it is beneficial to be able to accept the students regardless of how they behave inside of the classroom around the other students.

Practice Example:  An experience that I encountered in my service learning was when I was observing my teacher and this one student.  This boy is not in my typical literacy group each week so I never have had a chance to work with him one on one.  The student’s desks are set up into a cluster of about five desks per group.  Within these groups the students work with each other on certain group work, depending if they are placed into another set group.  When the students were working on math problems there was one group who was made up of about four students.  There was one little boy who was not very focused and had a different look on how to get his work finished.  I could tell that not only the students were getting frustrated with this student but my teacher was feeling frustrated because the student was truly not listening.  After the students were done working on their group work they were to head to the rug.  This same student still did not listen to his teacher in a way that he should have.  In a typical classroom this student would be considered a distraction to the students surrounding him.  My teacher then proceeded to calmly talk to the student and try and help him to explain what was the problem.

So What?: When looking back at this experience in my service learning I have realized that my teacher showed August’s concept.  If this case were in any other classroom that I have been in I feel that the teachers would not handle the situation as well as my teacher did.  She calmly accepted the fact that he was struggling and was able to try and work with him one on one.  In a typical classroom this student would be considered a huge distraction to both the students and the teachers in this case.  I feel that my experience relates to August because she feels that a student should be able to express him or herself, sometimes for the worst or the better.  The teacher from my service learning she uses August’s theory, which is to let the students express themselves in a manor that is acceptable and when they are struggling she is able to work with them. 

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