Sunday, December 7, 2014

Theory Connection #2

Quote and Explanation: Along with my connection to Rodriguez I have been able to connect my service learning experience to Shor.  In “Empower Education” Shor, he discusses how within the classroom it should use different teaching methods that are benefical to both the student but the teacher as well.  Having students become more hands on and allowing them to use critical thinking.  A quote that I found was very similar to my service learning experience was Our role as teachers is to create a safe environment in which students can express opinions and, most importantly, generate their own language materials for learning and peer-teaching” (pg.    )  This quote is simply stating that when it comes to teaching that we are helping those who are becoming the future scholars of the world.  Having the students memorizing their work and not being hands on is not that beneficial.  A child will not be able to create their own individuality in the classroom when they are being forced to learn one specific way. 

Practice example: During the week of Thanksgiving I was fortunate enough to attend my service learning during the week rather than my scheduled day each week.  I was a bit thrown off because of the fact I was unsure of what I was supposed to do with the students.  That entire day I was able to work with not just the usual group of seven students but with the class as a whole.  The students are very welcoming and I have been lucky enough to get to know their names as well.  Something that I have noticed each time I enter this classroom is that the students are almost if not always doing something that is hands on.  They are either doing something hands on or in a small group.  On this day the students were working on both math and science. When working on both subjects the students were either working in a smaller group of two or three or were in a small group of about seven or eight with the teacher on the rug.  The students seemed so much more engaged in the lesson than they would have been if they were sitting there listening to their teacher talk about the topic at hand.  I moved around to each and every group and was able to listen in on how the students were interacting with each other.  When one student did not understand something instead of going right to asking their teacher they were helping each other.
Example of similar classroom doing group work

So What: I feel this relates to Shor because of how the students are taking advantage of the opportunities that they have right in front of them.  After seeing how the students are only excelling with working with a partner it is clear that a traditional classroom is slowly fading away.  I know that if I had had a classroom setting anything close to this type of classroom learning I would feel a bit more confident in my own school work.  Shor also states, “people are naturally curious. They are born learners. Education can either develop or stifle their inclination to ask why and to learn. (pg 12)  I feel that this statement is completely true.  These students are only succeeding because they are empowering their own education and benefiting their future.

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